I wrote the points for foreigners’ customers below, please check.

1,There is a red translation button at the lower right of the screen. Please translate the website from there.

2,”Business trip chef” written on the website is Catering chef. Although it is a technical problem with the translation button, it improves in the future, please let me know if there are other wrong sentences.

3, The chef will explain the dish in English. But I’m a beginner at English, please speak slowly.

4, When the chef can not understand the words,I will examine the words with the application of the smartphone,I pray that you will wait patiently.

5, English is a beginner, but cooking is professional! (Please check youtube channel) The chef will do our best to make this dining special memories in Japan!

6, You can customize the course menu according to your style. Allergies, vegetarians and dislike foods. Please consult with text message!

7,You can use a credit card for payment.